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Hands on parenting 25-Jul-16 Posted in: Bblind Dad Diaries - My daughter is two years-old. I say my daughter is two years-old because she is two years-old, In actual fact though, she will be three in September. I’m just not a big fan of quoting it down to the month every time I have to mention it. The reality of the situation though, is that Read more...
10 things I’ve learned this week – 22nd July 22-Jul-16 Posted in: 10 things I've learned this week - 7 days have passed, and here are another 10 things that have wormed their way into my branium in my cranium... Firstly, there is some amazing news - We must have recently managed to cure all known diseases including all Cancers, and AIDS, and on top of this find a way to halt the ageing Read more...
Feeling Hot! Hot! Hot! 20-Jul-16 Posted in: Chris McCausland's Blog - So the hot weather finally got here! The generally gloomy summer so far made way for a bloody scorcher yesterday! - The hottest day of the year so far, and this change was marked by my wife's willingness to actually turn the central heating off for a bit. Over the years the position of that Read more...
Why the new ‘all female’ Ghostbusters is contrived 19-Jul-16 Posted in: Chris McCausland's Blog - Whether you, or anybody else thinks, that the new Ghostbusters is either shit, or totally amazing, or just a fair enough effort - I think that consciously setting out to make it an all female affair is nothing more than contrived, and it is this that ultimately weakens its premise. Now this is not a Read more...
The overly graphic nature of journalism 17-Jul-16 Posted in: Chris McCausland's Blog - Last night when I got home from work I sat down with a cup of tea and had a read of Saturday’s Daily Telegraph. I found myself unable to read much of the reports on the attack in Nice to be honest, as the level of graphic detail employed in many of the articles was Read more...

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